Diet Diary: Day 5 & Day 6

Friday – April 2, 2014

Day Five

Typically Fridays end with a few glasses of wine and a bowl of pasta, but not tonight! Oddly, I am excited to take this weekend off. It feels good to work towards something again. I found myself getting to a place where it was becoming routine to indulge on the weekends, even if I wasn’t particularly in the mood. Moving forward, indulgences are only for when it is actually worth it. Just because I have a few glasses of wine, doesn’t mean I need to abandon my lifestyle. 

Rather than hit the town, I hit the gym for some Friday night cardio.


Breakfast: What do you think?

Lunch: 4 cups of Skinny Pop

Snack: 1 cup of grapes

Dinner: Needed a boost of protein, so I had a large chicken breast. 

Beverages: Water… all day, duh.

Workout: 40 minutes on the elliptical 


Saturday – April 3, 2014

Day Six

Just because I am still eating healthy doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice eating deliciously. I think the best thing that came from today was my Quinoa Fried Rice. I said it before, and I will say it again, incorporating Asian flavors into your dishes is a great way to add flavor without calories into your recipe. I was on the road today, but managed to whip up this dish before hand. Prep work goes a long way!


(I really wasn’t hungry)

Breakfast: 4 Cups of Skinny Pop & 1 cup of grapes

Lunch: 12 cadbury milk chocolate eggs. Whatever, it is the weekend and I ate them proportionately.

Dinner: Quinoa Fried Rice! Don’t let the name fool you, nothing is fried and there is no rice in this meal. 

{Quinoa Fried Rice}

Looks great right? Click HERE for the recipe

Beverages: Coffee with some skim milk and water.

Workout: I was traveling, but squeezed in 20 minutes of cardio… I got bored. Hey, something is more than nothing, right?

While I am getting really sick of documenting my days, and even more sick of writing these blog entries, things are good!




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